Heather Thompson has a passion for speaking life into others no matter the platform or event. Below you can find her most popular speaking topics and offerings. You will also find at the bottom of this page, Heather’s official bio and approved headshots.

The True Boss: Redefining Your Influence As A Successful Woman

What makes a woman successful? Modern society says she is financially independent with a sharp attitude and a wardrobe “to die for.” But, the real question is: what’s weighing her down? Also, what’s wounding her in increments so small that she might not even recognize it?

Despite her outer beauty, she remembers the ugliness of moments from her past.
Though her outfits are always classy, she’s been torn apart by both romantic and family relationships.
While her finances and educational background are impressive, she afraid for people to know how empty or alone she feels at times.
How can she finally feel as complete and together as she looks?
It starts by pursuing inner peace as passionately as she does professional success.

In this session, you’ll take the first steps towards identifying how you became who you are today.
We’ll discuss how your healing can impact your inner circle and shape your influence. Finally, we’ll pinpoint your triggers for emotional outbursts to encourage better balance, learn what’s truly motivating you, and discover ways for you to reclaim your joy – inside and out.

Hidden Blessings: The Overlooked Gifts of Motherhood

Oh, the pitter patter of little feet around the home can be a joy! It is also, however, one of the most demanding times of a woman’s life. Yes, I’m talking about motherhood. But, have you ever considered the hidden blessings of this time in your life?

Women are told to expect a range of new responsibilities as a mother – caring for someone else, putting a helpless new life before your own, and perhaps the most dangerous one: putting your dreams to the side. What if motherhood helped to serve the purpose of awakening or reconsidering your dreams rather abandoning them? This is where the “gold” of being a parent comes into play. This is what I’m hear to help you discover and bring to the forefront in your life.

During this session, you’ll learn what motherhood stereotypically means and to tap into God’s vision for you in this new phase of your life. Discover the ways to identify your child’s purpose and help them take steps to achieve it. Understand your greatest needs as well as that of your household. After this session, you will see the inheritance you’ve been entrusted with and all the blessings that it brings! 

Views: The Three Mirrors of Marriage
“Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony.”
A variation of these words is typically heard at the beginning of a wedding ceremony. It’s a statement that speaks to the power, expected fidelity, and unconditional love of a covenant union. However, has anyone discussed with you the mirrors of marriage?

Getting married is like looking into a three-way mirror that shows you from three different angles. Now, consider that those three mirrors represent your past, present and future. When engaged, many couples say they’re deeply in love and can’t imagine life without the other. Now, you’ve considering the present state of that person, but are you prepared to deal with the past (what made them who they are) and the projected potential (what they may become)? Can they say the same about you? Finally, do you know enough about those three areas of your own life before you can commit to join them with someone else?

In this session, we’ll take a lighthearted but detailed look at what marriage entails that few may have discussed with you. Come learn more about your reasons for wanting to marry and, for some, the potential “drivers” that may be pushing you to do something ahead of its time. Understand more about your future spouse and/or yourself to know what you both bring to the table in all areas. Walk away feeling more confident about your decisions and your relationship status, whether single or married!


Heather M. Thompson is a transformation life coach, writing professional, and a founding partner of Great Nation Publishing, LLC: an independent publishing company that specializes in producing faith-based fiction and nonfiction works.

Through her work, Heather’s primary focus is transforming worn-out women into whole women through clarity-based coaching. Her clients come from diverse professional backgrounds, but they have the same intrinsic need: to properly identify past/present roadblocks and understand how to effectively move forward. Whether through one-on-one coaching sessions, her self-help workbooks, or podcast appearances, Heather has dedicated her coaching practice to helping others identify what’s holding them back, properly classify their experiences, and authentically realign their focus to ensure success.

Originally from Indiana, Heather graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Valparaiso University and later trained as a life coach via Light University.  She resides with her family in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and can be reached via e-mail at hello@headcoachheather.com.


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