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Description: In today’s society, a woman who is a “boss” is widely respected, recognized, and even encouraged. Winning is the name of the game, and the highest winners are those who earn the most and have even greater power. While winning is great, have we considered the cost for our victories? And while we’re “slaying” our competition – other capable, driven women – are we also slaying our compassionThe True Boss is a brief but in-depth workbook that helps women address the unhealed parts of themselves and see success as a marathon for everyone instead of a elite sprint for approval and authority. Let The True Boss help you see yourself as the fulfilled, 360-degree leader that God intended!
My name is Heather Thompson, and I’m a life coach. That’s quite an overused title these days, isn’t it? Here’s the thing, though: it’s my truth. Frankly, it’s one of the main reasons why I permanently walked away from Corporate America: to allow my talent, passion, and training to align in service to amazing clients worldwide.

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Offsetting The Upset: Weighing in on Cardi B

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The Lesson Michelle Williams Just Taught Us All

The Lesson Michelle Williams Just Taught Us All

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