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“Freedom.” It’s a word we hear and celebrate all the time, but how do you put it into action?
You start by getting rid of anything that blocks you from feeling and thinking more freely.
That process of removing those blocks starts here with Declutter.

With about 5 minutes per day for 5 days, you’ll walk through decluttering aspects of your home, life, and emotions. That’s right – we’re going past just moving things out of your home! How about the thought patterns that tend to slow down your productivity? What about the relationships that no longer serve you, but you continue to entertain and support them? Also, after all the priorities you handle on a daily basis, how are you decompressing and taking care of yourself? This quick but helpful course helps you take the first steps towards tackling these issues head-on and win!


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With freedom comes something even more powerful: choice.
As human beings, we have the gift of free will. Issues come into play, however, when we don’t use it wisely. So, what do you do when you have big choices to make and confusion and past heartaches is in the midst?

Doors is a five-day course to help you heal the pain of the past, address the present path you’re following in, and apply wisdom to receive the promises for your future. This is a self-study course that’s meant to feel like mentoring. Using the metaphor of a door, we discuss the importance of knowing which doors to open and close in life and how to do so without regrets or worrying that could hinder your progress.

Are you feeling like your lingering in the doorways of past choices for too long?
Do you want to go back through the doors of old successes and past relationships, but you know nothing is there anymore? Have uncertainty about who you are led you to stand still instead of moving on? The time is now to break away and find what’s waiting for you – because freedom is nothing without movement. Let Doors push you forward today!

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With about 5 minutes per day for 5 days, you’ll walk through decluttering aspects of your home, life, and emotions. 

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