NEED HELP, BUT not long-term coaching? CALL ME.

Clear60 Calls are consulting or strategy sessions for those who need feedback, guidance, and/or additional thought concerning a professional concern or personal situation.  On a 60-minute video call via Zoom, I’ll help you find a solution or strategy for what’s challenging you. 

Clear60 Calls are for everyone – working professionals, aspiring/current entrepreneurs, college students, stay-at-home moms, you name it! The goal is to give those who want insight during stressful situations a place to be heard and helped without the commitment of a coaching program. 

These can also be used as general “coffee chats” where you can ask questions about coaching or other professional concerns.

Investment Offerings

Clear60 Calls are $47 per session.
After booking your session, you will be emailed a separate link to make your payment.

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