CLEAR, no matter the track you select, has one unified goal: cutting the chaos to realign you with destiny.

There are 3 distinct options to choose from as part of the Clear coaching program:

A. CAREER is for working professionals or aspiring/current entrepreneurs that have the necessary business skills in place, but need spiritual/emotional/mental development to successfully build the career path and remain focused on their calling without compromising their beliefs.

B. CENTERED is for those who want better balance for their lives and/or households while not losing their individuality and core values in the process.

C. CONNECTION is for those who want to develop healthier personal relationships. This is to help you first recognize who you are as a person and what has contributed to your background thus far (your upbringing, value system, biggest influences, etc.) pinpoint your wants/needs going forward while eliminating unhealthy habits or relationships, and start framing a road map to reach your goals.


Every program, no matter which one you pick, is split into these three monthly focuses.

  • First Month: Find The Issue –“Awareness”
  • Second Month: Get The Clarity – “Identification”
  • Third Month: Build The Plan – “Movement” 

All coaching programs are three-months long and include four one hour sessions per week with a total of 12 total sessions. They are virtual and online based. Coaching calls are done via Zoom Video Conferencing and can be done with clients in the United States or Internationally.

Investment Offerings

The CLEAR program is an investment of $2,097 (save $300) if paid in full or $799 per month for three months ($2,397).

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