Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

This message isn’t for everyone. This is for you – the one who’s got inspiration, motivation, and talent, but doesn’t necessarily have the “receipts” to back it up.

You work. In fact, you work hard and intelligently. 
You’re not afraid to try where others have been scared to attempt.
People even e-mail you to tell you how much they “love your work” or like-tag-share what you post on a regular basis.

Still, the money isn’t quite there yet.

In fact, sometimes, you’re scared to tell others how much you haven’t made.
You might have gotten into business due to a layoff, rising household costs (i.e. new baby or an aging parent with bills that depend on your income) or a desire to leave your current career behind.

But, you’re basically broke. Fighting hard not to be broken. You give to others (beyond money) what you wish other people would give to you in return.

You’re not a martyr; you’re a mother. Or father. And a spouse. Or perhaps a single parent. Maybe you’re altogether single with more responsibilities than anyone realizes.

And, though you really hate it, when the stress gets to be too much, you cry.  Scream into a pillow or rant-shout alone in your car when you have 10 minutes to yourself (and you likely had to fight for that).

I see you.
I hear you.
And, in many ways, I either currently am or have been you.

So, while we’re both drying our tears, let me introduce you to a “distant mentor” for this week.

If you didn’t hear, Raynell Steward, also known as “Wuzzam Supa” or “Supa”, celebrated a meteoric milestone on Cyber Monday, November 26th, 2018. Her popular cosmetic company, The Crayon Case, made $1 million in sales in 90 minutes. 

Some companies will be in business for 9 years and won’t reach that kind of revenue.

I won’t repeat all the facts about her that you can find on Google or the fifty other bloggers’ pages as they cover this modern phenomenon of a story.  I’ll simply tell you this: in every situation and through many seasons, “Supa” kept showing up. Her formula was simple:


Who she was is a natural comedienne with a magnetic personality.
What she could do included her skill set in cooking, raw & comedic storytelling ability, podcasting, and other entrepreneurial ventures.
What she had available is social media, which she used to create her “Story Time with Supa” and makeup application videos that went viral.
That, powered with prayer, hard work, and industry mentorship as she rose in popularity, all led to the multi-hyphenate millionaire we see today.

I hear you, though: “That’s great and all, Heather, but I don’t feel like her.”
Guess what, love? Me, neither!
I’m willing to bet there were days she didn’t “feel like her”, either!
This is why what I call “The Push” matters. The push to become everything you need to be has to be greater than everything you’re currently facing.

You see, empires are built during economic downturns (research the 1920’s-era Depression – you’ll see.)
Several millionaires and billionaires were often once homeless or broke. Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Chris Pratt, James Cameron, Jim Carrey, Suze Orman, and Halle Berry are among that group.
This is why you can’t be swayed by hard times alone.
In Supa’s own words on Instagram recently, “(I) bussed tables and cleaned hotel rooms. Don’t tell me it’s not possible.”

Stop trying to only “secure the bag.” Secure YOURSELF first. 
Take inventory of your talents, find the best way to market them, and pursue them with wisdom and passion.
And if you’re already doing that, keep doing it and be open to healthy opportunities that come along to boost your efforts in the process.

So, don’t forget who you are.
Don’t belittle what you can do. Respect it and once you find what works, scale it.
Use what’s at your fingertips (literally your phone and laptop!) to solidify your platform.
Let all of that – coupled with work, strategy, and faith – open doors that once didn’t seem to exist.

Just remember: your life itself is the ultimate “receipt.” 

To The Journey,


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