Unless you’ve been in a cave with no wi-fi, you’ve likely heard that a rare phenomenon is occurring today, August 21, 2017. Per Wikipedia, “a full solar eclipse will be visible within a band across the entire contiguous United States, and Canada passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast.”

So, why is this important on the surface? Well, nothing like this has happened in the U.S. since June 8, 1918. Naturally, with the last one being almost 100 years ago for our country, citizens are flocking from Oregon to South Carolina to be in the specific path of the eclipse and catch a glimpse of this once-in-a-lifetime sight.

Why is this important for any other reason?
The answer is…well…it isn’t.

To the Christian and Jewish community, it’s a symbol that we’re living in End Times per biblical scriptures.
To astrologers, the eclipse can mean something different for each of the twelve zodiac signs.
But, what if you don’t feel particularly attached to any of it?

My answer is…that’s fine.

There’s no crime in not having ordered special viewing glasses or planned when and where you’ll stand to record everything with your phone. I’m not being a pessimist as I genuinely feel grateful to live in a time where this is happening! However, I realize that though I spiritually feel a weight of significance in what’s happening, I feel an even greater responsibility to handle the work that’s in front of me.

Never feel ashamed to be the one who isn’t always swayed by what the world finds fascinating. This should be especially true if it’s easy for you to get sidetracked (like me)!

It’s great to remain connected to what’s happening with friends, family, and the world beyond your front door, but if this is a season of intense focus for you, don’t be dismayed by your determination. Sometimes, the greatest developments happen for only a handful of people while the world was looking in the other direction. 

What the solar eclipse means to you is like everything else: it’s your business.
If you’re watching, happy (and safe!) viewing, and I hope today’s experience gives you great memories for years to come.
If you plan to watch footage online later, I will literally be there with you.
A girl’s got new deadlines to meet.

To The Journey & The Eclipse,

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