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This past Sunday, BET, MTV, and VH1 aired The 2017 BET Awards, and let me tell you, there were many lessons to be learned for every current and future business owner watching. One of my favorite portions of the night was the return of the r&b group, XScape. Whether you love their Atlanta-flavored style or haven’t a clue who they are, here are three lessons I gleaned from their performance:

  1. You can’t beat a good classic. 
    After 20 years, Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, LaTocha Scott, and Tamika Scott performed on a major platform and arguably gave millions of fans what they wanted. What spurred the reunion? According to the group members, seeing the popularity of “The New Edition Story” earlier this year caused them to mend old rifts and discuss the possibilities of coming back together. The conversations led to action, and they’ll be doing a few concert dates and may record a new album.
    The Takeaway:  Don’t overthink how to be innovative. What’s great doesn’t always have to be over-categorized. Your quality products and services just need to be well-marketed so people know how to find you!
  2. Good partnerships are always worth the preservation.
    Through watching XScape’s Unsung episode a few years ago, viewers learned that many personal issues between the group members caused their initial split. While it’s great that they reunited, it’s disappointing to know this wasn’t about a clash with their record label or an amicable separation due to differing interests. Each of the four vocalists went on to pursue other entertainment endeavors, but they sacrificed potential albums, awards, and earnings among other unknown rewards during their years of separation.
    The Takeaway: Don’t let a personal discrepancy end a great professional opportunity. Now, granted, it may take time, patience, and some mature negotiation skills, but greatness is often sacrificed when a lack of forgiveness has taken root.
  3. What you have to offer is more powerful than you know.
    While many artists performed new songs at L.A.’s Microsoft Theater last night, XScape ran through a medley of their biggest hits. Each time the cameras cut to the audience, the crowd was singing each lyric and dancing to the group’s music. Maybe it was reverie, nostalgia, or a combination of both, but it was clear that no new songs were needed here. The foursome won the audience over simply by being present and in top form. They left the stage to enthusiastic applause, and introduced themselves to a new generation of fans in the process.
    The Takeaway: You are more powerful than you know, and, as long as you offer your skills in a spirit of excellence, people want what you have. You can create buzz around you simply by exercising staying power when others give up. Change things when necessary, but let greatness simply be great!

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