Let’s talk about your biggest enemy.

It’s not some stranger lurking in a shadowed alley.
It’s also not that deep fried concoction you hate loving to eat when days go horrendously left.
For some of you who may be wondering, it’s not even the former coworker who seemed bent on slandering your name to anyone who would listen.

If you’re planning on starting something new, especially something life-changing, your biggest enemy is comfort.

Comfort is that “frenemy” you know better than to trust, but you seemingly can’t help it.
You two are bonded, but comfort has that same bond with anyone who will entertain its company.

When you realize that you don’t have any time to waste, you’ll turn off the Netflix and step away from Snapchat. It’s fine to have time to yourself for a while and connect with the outside world, but often times, we stretch a “while” into a weekend. That’s where good ideas and even better connections go to die. Your best relationships and creative thoughts won’t nurture themselves. They need attention and your willingness to sacrifice the unnecessary to thrive.

If nothing else, remember this: it’s not always about what you want to do. It’s about what you’ve got to do. Your biggest obstacle to the success you’ve imagined in business, relationships, personal development, or anything else isn’t tangible. It is getting too comfortable. Well-calculated risks and a hunger for improvement can take you infinitely farther than the desire for change alone. You want something different? It’s time to get uncomfortable.

To The Journey,

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