This won’t be long because the point was halfway made in the title.

We’ve all seen what happens when something goes past its prime.
If food spoils, it’s hurled into the garbage.
If a type of technology begins to bore the public, an upgrade is on the way.
If a hit song is the victim of radio overexposure, it falls down the Billboard charts.

We’ve also seen what happens when this applies to someone.
If an illness or  disease goes untreated, it wreaks havoc on one’s system.
If an injury is unaddressed, the damage can be declared inoperable.
If a lifetime has reached well into the golden years, the end is expected.

With all of the reminders of finality we receive, you’d think
we’d be more apt to recognize and accept them in our lives.
I guess that would be too easy.

Rather than kicking and screaming through another month – let alone another year – when changes start to happen, receive them. 
We run to God with pleading questions, and fight the answers when they arrive.
We rant to friends & family about being overlooked in life, and get frozen with fear when breakthrough comes.

What’s the point of demanding change if we won’t accommodate it?

As I address you, I’m also speaking to myself. (Sometimes, you do need to preach to the choir!)

A ship can’t come in without a place to dock.

In your prayer time and as you consider those big breaks your pursuing, please ask one question: “Am I ready for what I’m requesting?”

The answer just may surprise you.
Let’s stop resisting the shift.

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