Are you in need of something?

Are the missing pieces to a puzzle you want to solve eluding you for some reason?

Here’s a secret: part of the answer is already in your hand
– meaning, it’s already in your possession.
In my case, the answer was in my daughter’s closet.

Let’s back up to earlier this week. I was in the middle of one of most tolerable household chores: laundry. (Don’t judge. For me, laundry isn’t the biggest deal. Yard work, however? NEXT!) Since I work from home, I stopped midday to finish lingering tasks for about an hour. While putting away my 7 year’s old laundry, I revisited my thoughts from earlier that morning:

  • Clothes shopping. I forgot that she needs more summer clothes.
  • Okay, I’ll set a budget aside so that we don’t go over it.
  • When will this blinking light-up shoe phase END?!? #FixItJesus

Then, as usual, I became preoccupied with more work-related thoughts and forgot all about the clothes.
Twenty minutes later, I realized there were at least 7-10 items she could no longer wear.
The seeming lack of clothes I was just pondering? Gone. Her closet was almost stuffed with the laundry I’d returned, summer clothes I suddenly “found”, and new birthday outfits, not to mention what she already had.

I instantly went to my 2 year old’s room. She’s as tall as some 3 or 4 year olds, so the clothes that no longer fit my oldest daughter were transferred to Baby Girl’s closet.  As a result, this transfer answered the need for summer clothes in her closet as well.

Suddenly, every need was met.
Both of my little beauties had what they needed and so much more as if some magical multiplication were happening.
The kicker: I hadn’t visited one store!I simply went to my closet, had an expectation, did the work, and made the necessary moves to answer
the problem.

So, what am I saying to you (and, ultimately, to myself as well)?
The answers we often seek are already within and/or around us.
Now, for some of you, that’s a bit too “Eckhart Tolle-ish”.  However, I’m not trying to be cryptic, redundant,
or even new age.

The truth is that we often pray for answers and don’t wait for them.
We complain about our problems/obstacles/circumstances without believing there’s an answer.
We’ll won’t be patient and still enough to hear any solutions.
We’ll look all around for others to solve our problems while acting as if we’re helpless to change ourselves,
complaining that “God doesn’t care” and “He only helps those who can’t help themselves.”

For every “we” and “we’ll” I listed above, “I” is just as applicable as it speaks of my personal experience.

My challenge to you today: take a moment to do some inventory, and see what YOU can do to get one step closer to what you want.

So, take some time in prayer.

Go to your proverbial “closet” with an expectation. Do the work, and make the moves that you
feel led to take afterwards.
The answer may not be immediate, but the benefits that come with the process and development of that
answer will be invaluable…just like you : )

Happy Spring! And, seriously, do the work. It’s worth it.

God Bless.

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