Close your eyes. Deep breath in, then out. Now, imagine the following:

You have a grand home. Every corner is personalized with just the right touch.
What would you have within those four walls? Bamboo floors or marble?
Heated tiles in the master bathroom? Paint shades, lighting fixtures – dream big.

Now, in the midst of enjoying your private bliss, hear these four, distinct words:

Give it all away.”

I just read an Instagram post from someone I admire that blew my mind.
A well-to-do couple with two small children is walking away from the lovely home 
they’ve begun building their lives in – and giving it to a homeless couple with a young baby.
Other than taking their cars, clothes, and some personal items of merit, they
are donating the rest.

Their reason? They’ve promised to always obey God’s Voice, and they firmly believe 
that He is calling them to donate their home to a family in need.

This to me is FAITH. Reading it shook me, encouraged me, and humbled me
all at the same time. Can I be honest? 

Sometimes, it’s tough to share. Often, it’s even tougher to have to let go of an ideal
to get specifically what God has for me. However, I’m seeing more and more that it’s
worth it.

I won’t make this a rambling post, but, for whomever needs to hear this, please listen:
You are worth far more than what’s within your home.
You’re infinitely more valuable than the clothes on your back or accessories on your body.
You have a distinct purpose here – no matter what life seems to be telling you today – 
and that purpose is NOT about being prideful or letting comparison govern your life.

Whether it’s a coat or a cup of coffee, if you can indeed spare it to someone in need, 
do it. You might not be able to donate a house, but what about a few hours to a homeless shelter?

Wherever you find yourself, give the gift of YOU – as you are – to this world.
We will all be better for it.

– HT


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